vRAN network shifts certain BBU processing functions from distributed radio receivers and into cloudbased data servers Image courtesy of ThinkStock
The Intelsat34 satellite in a Space SystemsLoral production facility Image courtesy of SSL
Qualcomm has upgraded the Rezence wireless charging standard in its WiPower charging pads allowing them to charge devices with metal backs Image courtesy of the Alliance For Wireless Power
Image courtesy of ThinkStock
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Designed for smallcell deployments LTEU technology is an alternative to local WiFi networks But the fact that LTEU operates on the unlicensed 5GHz spectrum is drawing criticism from service providers Image courtesy of ThinkStock
The AlcatelLucent booth at Mobile World Congress in 2015 Image courtesy of AlcatelLucent Flickr
A major concern for the research group is designing an air interface that can support devices ranging from lowend sensors to highend tablets Image courtesy of Eric Harmatz Flickr