Testing Digital & RF Interfaces
Test & Measurement

Platform Tests Digital and RF Interfaces Simultaneously

Testing both the digital and RF performance of a system can be challenging, Here is one way to address this issue.
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The Move into mmWave Frequencies (Part 1)

This video series details the issues that RF/mmWave designers face as they address the millimeter-wave spectrum. Part 1 focuses on frequency dispersion and interfering signals...
Test & Measurement

Four-Port Single-Sweep VNA Serves D- and G-Band Apps

Anritsu’s differential vector network analyzer, which can cover from 70 kHz to 220 GHz in a single sweep, is useful for applications such as device modeling and characterization...
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Test & Measurement

Network Analyzer Produces Fast and Accurate EVM Measurements

Keysight presents its E5081A ENA-X VNA as the only solution that produces fast and accurate EVM measurements on a mid-range network analyzer.
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Test Assemblies Enable SerDes Characterization Out to 90 GHz

The latest addition to Samtec's Bulls Eye series of test connector systems gives test engineers the ability to characterize 224-Gb/s PAM4 SerDes links.
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Test & Measurement

See What Can't Be Seen

Check out this demo of a modular 5.5-GHz, 2-port VNA that uses time-domain measurements to peer inside of structural elements to find items such as rebar in concrete.
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Cables & Connectors

Flexible Cable Assemblies Serve RF Applications

Times Microwave's InstaBend coaxial cable assemblies and TLMP push-on connectors can combine to provide designers with a vibration-proof solution for avionics applications that...
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Industry Insights

One Stop for Boards and Connectors

Amphenol Printed Circuits' Brian Guidi provides a high-level overview of the company's PCB and PCA products for the military, aerospace, and defense industries.
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Test & Measurement

Security Verification for Embedded Hardware Designs

At the core of every secure product is robust hardware security, which must also address the threats created by hardware vulnerabilities.