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Heavy-Lift Drones Growing in Popularity

Draganfly's CEO discusses how the heavy-lift drone market is expanding for wildfire rescue, survey, inspection, military, and logistics applications.
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Survey Drone Flies in Windy Conditions

The Wispr Systems Ranger Pro Series has options for LiDAR-based front or omnidirectional collision avoidance and can fly in up to 50-mph winds.
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Military-Grade AMR Fit for Manned or Unmanned Operations

With a focus on military applications, the Stratom XR-P autonomous mobile robot can also be used in mining, agriculture, and logistics applications.
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Test & Measurement

The Lowest-Power Atomic Clock

At IMS, Microchip Technology tested and compared measurements between a miniature atomic clock and a chip-scale atomic clock using its 53100A phase-noise analyzer.
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Drone in a Box

Target Arm’s Tular launch-and-recovery system can autonomously deploy and capture a drone from a moving vehicle.
Xpo Liquid Piston

25-hp Engine Uses Reimagined Thermodynamic Cycle

LiquidPiston’s XTS-210 engine is ideal for UAV applications, portable power generation, and other military and defense applications.
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Rugged Machine Computer Targets Defense, Mining, Construction, and Agriculture

Elma Electronic’s NVIDIA-based JetSys-5330 is IP67-rated and ideal for AI and deep learning.
Pcim Wolfspeed
Test & Measurement

Kit Evaluates MOSFETs, Gate Drivers Under Real Operating Conditions

Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit platform enables testing of SiC devices, gate drivers, and controls at real operating conditions, allowing design engineers to transition to wide-bandgap...
Pcim Infineon

Taking on Decarbonization and Digitalization in Electronics

Infineon’s software, XHP2 package, and chip-embedding functionality lends itself to the latest electronic design trends.