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Understanding GNSS Correction Methods

This article presents a GNSS expert’s summary of the strengths and weaknesses of RTK, PPP, and SSR signal-correction methods, and when to use each for specific applications.
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R&D Effort Aims at V2X Comms Between Autonomous Vehicles

CEA-Leti hopes to eventually adapt wireless V2X technologies for use with drones and robots in factories.
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Avoiding Common Missteps in PCB Design: A Manufacturer's Insights

You design PCBs. Cirexx manufactures them. This article covers seven common PCB design mistakes that manufacturers see and gives you tips on how to sidestep them.
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Securing Your Software Supply Chain: Recognize the Risks and Solutions

As software risk impacts organizations’ bottom lines, the prevalence of developers using open-source software in their projects poses software supply-chain challenges. This article...
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Moving to the Cloud? Look—and Learn—Before You Leap

Migration to a hyperscale cloud environment means relying on someone else’s architecture to manage your applications’ performance.


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eBook - What's the Difference Between Vol 1

Free eBook - Learn which technology is right for your project. DOWNLOAD NOW!
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Sixth-Generation Networks Push New Boundaries

The complexity of 6G networks, which will be a boon to industrial and healthcare spaces, among others, will require innovative approaches to develop compatible systems, especially...
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U.S. Semiconductor Workforce Shortage Reaching Critical Stage

As the U.S. semiconductor industry expands in the years ahead, so too will its demand for talent.
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Phone App Captures Data Using Photogrammetry, LiDAR, and Depth Sensors

Pix4D’s PIX4Dcatch real-time kinematic (RTK) system includes a phone and viDoc RTK rover, which provides RTK accuracy for the imagery and LiDAR data.
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Rugged PCIe/104 SBC Sports 3-Bank PCIe Stacking

VersaLogic’s Sabertooth single-board computer utilizes heat-pipe cooling and stackable PCI Express support to handle multiple 10G Ethernet ports.