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Orbital Space Junk is No Joke

The steady proliferation of space debris has led to concerns for the long-term health and well-being of active communications satellites.
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Monitor and Record More Data than Ever with SDRs

Software-defined radio can be used to increase the amount of data that's able to be monitored and recorded, with minimal effect on latency.
Purdue University
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Finding Safe Spots for Space Satellites

A professor at Purdue University’s College of Engineering is working with graduate students on finding safe orbits and locations for the growing numbers of satellites and satellite...
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11 More Myths About LoRaWAN

The rising popularity of implementing LoRaWAN as a connectivity solution has led to more misconceptions about the technology. Laird’s Senthooran Ragavan puts those myths to rest...
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How Edge Processing Enables Next-Gen mmWave Scanners

This article describes how mmWave imaging hardware works and presents a chipset that uses edge processing to manage massive data loads to empower the development of walkthrough...


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Expanding the RISC-V Ecosystem @ Engineering Academy

Learn more about this open source architecture at our Engineering Academy event.
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Moving to the Cloud? Look—and Learn—Before You Leap

Migration to a hyperscale cloud environment means relying on someone else’s architecture to manage your applications’ performance.
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2023 IDEA Awards: SiTime is the Big IDEA Winner

All votes have been tabulated, and now it's time to reveal the best new product innovations of 2023.
Novator Solutions
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EW/SIGINT System Captures 64 Channels

The HUGIN 304DF EW/SIGINT system developed by Novator can provide as many as 64 channels of coverage with direction-finding capabilities from the back of a vehicle.
RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems
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Advanced RF Technology Added to Counter-Drone System

The inclusion of the RFeye receiver in the Drone Dome counter-drone system provides advanced RF detection, geolocation, and data-filtering/streaming capabilities.