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NHanced Semiconductors

Device Packaging Expands in Indiana

NHanced Semiconductors adds packaging capabilities to Indiana's microelectronics ecosystem.
Mercury Systems

Navy Selects Mercury for EA Training Subsystems

Based on advanced DRFM technology, EA training subsystems incorporate a large library of validated jamming and deception threats to accurately mimic real-world combat conditions...
Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Looks to Quantic Wenzel for SEWIP

Shielded testing is part of the Block 3 upgrade to the SEWIP system, adding EA capabilities to a legacy U.S. Navy EW system for protection against anti-ship missiles.
Industry Insights

Elemental Carbon and Sodium Sue to Redeem Their Reputations

Two essential elements resent being maligned for the implications of their higher-level molecules.
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Signal Reflections

5G’s Disparity Between Promise and Reality

It’s time to grudgingly admit that 5G has been overhyped and underdelivered. Why has it not fulfilled its promise?
General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada

Canadian Contracts Strengthen Land Command Support System

The Canadian Army’s C4ISR system supplies extended environmental data to help decision making in critical situations.
U.S. Department of Defense

Strategy Synchronizes Industry and Defense

The DoD’s new National Defense Industrial Strategy was unveiled at the Pentagon by Dr. Laura D. Taylor-Kale, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy, and Ms....
General Dynamics

Progeny Systems Adds IA to Navy’s Submarines

The U.S. Navy is counting on General Dynamics’ Progeny Systems for information assurance and reliability monitoring system software for undersea vehicles.
Raytheon, an RTX company

Radar Sensors Track Airborne Threats in Demo

The GhostEye medium-range radar sensor works with defensive command-and-control systems to identify airborne threats and provides details on appropriate responses.