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RF Components Form the Backbone of the Wireless Infrastructure

April 29, 2024
The incredibly complex and crowded spectrum would be unmanageable without the RF devices and components that populate the circuit boards in systems supporting its functionality.

Wireless technologies have been a part of society since the invention of radio, but the current adoption and use of advanced cloud-based electronic products and services has made the RF ecosystem even more important to how we work, play, and live. The connectivity and ubiquity of wireless data and communications has transformed the world via powerful and functional solutions based on wireless connectivity.

This ecosystem of wireless interconnectivity and cloud-based systems and services would not be able to function without the RF components that populate the board and support its functionality. Although most of the attention in the industry seems to be on logic and software, if the RF filter isn’t doing its job, nothing else matters. Every base station, modem, and endpoint in the cloud is made up of RF components that must work in harmony to make the system functional.

From the filters to the other passives on the board to the antennas, the need for the latest technologies and approaches in the current generation of advanced passive and active components is an imperative in modern designs. Later this month, Microwaves & RF will explore the state of the art in RF components—active and passive—with feature articles and other content from around the industry about this important topic.

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