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Survey Drone Flies in Windy Conditions

The Wispr Systems Ranger Pro Series has options for LiDAR-based front or omnidirectional collision avoidance and can fly in up to 50-mph winds.
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Military-Grade AMR Fit for Manned or Unmanned Operations

With a focus on military applications, the Stratom XR-P autonomous mobile robot can also be used in mining, agriculture, and logistics applications.
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Drone in a Box

Target Arm’s Tular launch-and-recovery system can autonomously deploy and capture a drone from a moving vehicle.
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Making Connections: Rugged Small-Form-Factor Connectors

Board-level interconnect company @SamtecVideo provides SFF solutions for military and aerospace customers.
IMS Connector Systems
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Bluetooth-Enabled Connectors Facilitate Predictive Maintenance

When combined with a tablet or smartphone, IMS Connector Systems' SmartMod-based connectors offer continuous measurement of temperature, humidity, voltage, and other parameters...


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Robotics by Design @ Engineering Academy

See how robots provide a competitive advantage at our Engineering Academy event.
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eBook - What's the Difference Between Vol 1

Free eBook - Learn which technology is right for your project. DOWNLOAD NOW!
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Robot Can Take Elevators to the Next Level

Aeolus’ aeo robot can open doors, ride elevators, and disinfect surfaces autonomously.
Ces Indy Challenge

Meet the MIT-PITT-RW Indy Autonomous Challenge Team

The 2023 Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) showcased its AV-21 autonomous race car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where MIT, the University of Pittsburgh, Rochester Institute ...
Ces Vision

HD Camera Powers Robotic Lawn Mower Vision

Worx’s newest Landroid is equipped with a camera that can avoid objects while it works.
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Ouster's LiDAR Lineup Aids Industrial and Smart Infrastructure

The REV7 LiDAR family can handle applications from automotive ADAS to industrial robots.