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One Stop for Boards and Connectors

Amphenol Printed Circuits' Brian Guidi provides a high-level overview of the company's PCB and PCA products for the military, aerospace, and defense industries.

3D Coil Receiver Antenna for VR/AR Claimed as Smallest Available

Arriving on the market at approximately 60% the size of similar products, the 3DCC03 series is designed to meet the growing demand for miniaturization of EM motion tracking sensors...
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Passive components

Wideband MMIC Balun Transformer Targets 2- to 18-GHz Apps

Mini-Circuits' MTX2-183+ wideband MMIC balun transformer has an impedance ratio of 1:2, applicable for applications from 5G MIMO to EW systems ranging up to 18 GHz.
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What’s a QuarterBack Connector?

SV Microwave’s QuarterBack connectors use a quarter-turn bayonet style nut with a locking feature for standard SMP interfaces.
Passives Cram More Power into Ever-Smaller Packages

Passives Cram More Power into Ever-Smaller Packages

The trend throughout the high-frequency industry is to design passive components that can handle higher power levels with effective thermal management in tighter spaces
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Passive components

The Differences Between Transmitter Types, Part 1

Whether coming from your pocket or high up in the stratosphere, massive amounts of data are on the move at all times, and the ubiquitous transmitter makes it all happen.
Passive components

Terminations Maintain Security on SMA Ports

A trio of terminations provides ultra-secure protection to 26.5 GHz for coaxial test ports.
Passive components

Metamaterials Sculpt UWB Bandpass Filter

By combining left- and right-handed transmission lines with conventional microstrip circuitry, it is possible to achieve a wide passband for an UWB bandpass filter.
Passive components

Dielectric Antenna Adds Photomixer for Terahertz Emissions

An easy-to fabricate dielectric rod waveguide (DRW) antenna was developed with an integrated photomixer for emission of millimeter-wave and terahertz radiation.