3D Coil Receiver Antenna for VR/AR Claimed as Smallest Available

Aug. 1, 2023
Arriving on the market at approximately 60% the size of similar products, the 3DCC03 series is designed to meet the growing demand for miniaturization of EM motion tracking sensors.

This article is part of the TechXchange: Antenna Design.

Premo recently launched the 3DCC03 series, presented as the smallest 3D coil receiver antenna to date. Coming in at 60% the size of its predecessor, the antenna is designed to address miniaturization of electromagnetic (EM) motion tracking sensors and other tracking applications.

The 3DCC03 series has a novel design incorporating the receivers for three axes in a single core, creating an extremely small solution measuring 4.2 × 3.2 × 3.5 mm. The antennas offer excellent isotropy, with the same sensitivity in X, Y, and Z axes. They have a working frequency of 20 kHz, provide connectivity via six gold-finished pads, and meet MIL-STD 202, with an operating temperature range from 40 to +85°C.

With a small size to ease integration into space-challenged applications with limited space, such as VR/AR headsets, wearable devices, and industrial automation equipment, the antenna enables simultaneous tracking of multiple small elements, such as fingers, pens, or small wearable devices. Compared to optical, inertial, and mechanical tracking sensors, EM sensors offer freedom of movement: They don't require line of sight, don't drift over time, and have lower latency for more responsive tracking data. They also perform well inside or through the human body due to its large wavelength.

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