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These Solutions Target Emerging mmWave Systems

June 14, 2018
The Pasternack Cable Creator, an online tool, can quickly create customized coaxial cables from among a wide range of cable types and connectors.

For visitors to the 2018 IEEE IMS exhibition in search of higher-frequency products, one of the more complete collections of mmWave products was on display at Pasternack’s booth 2133, with everything from amplifiers, frequency mixers and multipliers, oscillators, switches, and synthesizers through 60 GHz and beyond. Active and passive components with both coaxial and waveguide connectors were showcased with full data and tested performance levels. Visitors to the booth were also given a chance to win a miniature drone aircraft.

The growing interest in mmWave frequencies and components for use through about 80 GHz stems from emerging applications in automotive electronic safety systems, such as mmWave radar for ADAS platforms and  high-speed data links for 5G wireless networks. This general trend is part of the increasing reliance on functions performed by means of wireless electronic systems. Significantly, the installation of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in homes, offices, and factories worldwide will create a tremendous need for additional frequency bandwidth for wireless relay of data to the internet by those sensors.

The Pasternack Cable Creator is an online tool for quickly creating custom coaxial cables from a wide range of cable types and connectors.

To support the increasing use of mmWave frequencies, Pasternack also displayed high-frequency coaxial cables, in particular, the Pasternack Cable Creator and its easy-to-use online interface that allows customers to create cable assemblies quickly to their specifications. The online tool provides full data, prices for custom parts, and ordering information, offering same-day shipping even for custom cable assemblies. In addition, cable assemblies can be created from among 1300 different connectors and 120 different cable types.

“Exhibiting at IMS is always an exciting time of year for our company, as it allows us to meet face-to-face with customers, engineers, and students to learn more about the products and solutions they’re using to drive this industry forward,” explained Shaun Gameroz, Pasternack’s Marketing Manager. “The annual IMS trade show is also a great gathering place for us to show industry experts the next wave of innovative products our company plans to release over the next year.”