Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (1/4-1/9)
Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (12/20-12/26)
DART combines the row transmitter and row receiver into a single line replaceable unit taking the place of five different parts in legacy groundbased radars Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin
Test Equipment Market Capitalizes on LTE Growth
This network analyzer encapsulates several of the features that are migrating from the laboratory and into portable testers including large screens and a raft of configurable options Image courtesy of Anritsu
Instead of using just the physical location of cell towers TeleCommunications Systems has suggested using cellular RF coverage to target recipients of emergency alerts Image courtesy of Thinkstock
The GPS OCX control system is set to increase the number of satellites supported by the current GPS network and improve its overall targeting and tracking capabilities Image courtesy of ThinkStock
Anadigics maintains a 6in GaA wafer fabrication plant in Warren NJ where it produces InGaP HBT GaAs MESFET and GaAs pHEMT products The company has invented a patented InGaP process which integrates bipolar and FET structures Image courtesy of Thinkstock
NuCurrent39s new 10watt antenna assembly is capable of receiving wireless power from several different standardsbased transmitters Image courtesy of NuCurrent