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Cables & Connectors

A Look at Johnson's Cost-Savvy RF Connectors

Johnson High Frequency SMA End Launch connectors offer a cost-effective alternative to similar high-frequency connector designs.
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Transform Connector Design and Manufacturing for 5G

Crafting 5G-enabled devices calls for disciplined cooperation throughout a holistic design, development, and production cycle, and connectors are an important element of that ...
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Cables & Connectors

Flexible Cable Assemblies Serve RF Applications

Times Microwave's InstaBend coaxial cable assemblies and TLMP push-on connectors can combine to provide designers with a vibration-proof solution for avionics applications that...
Xpon Omnetics

Building Custom Connections

Omnetics focuses on custom design and manufacturing of micro-miniature and nano-miniature electronic connectors.
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Tips on Selecting High-Frequency mmWave/RF Cables for Defense Applications

Find out about the challenges associated with mmWave and high-frequency systems within defense aircraft and what system architects and engineers should be concerned with when ...
Cables & Connectors

Get a Grip on Those MM-Wave Connectors

Coaxial connectors for mm-wave test equipment have extremely fine structures that must be treated gently for optimum performance and operating lifetimes.
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Cables & Connectors

Carlisle Interconnects Buys Cable Maker Micro-Coax

Micro-Coax is a major manufacturer of coaxial cable for transmitting high-frequency radio signals. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Cables & Connectors

What's the Difference Between Coaxial Connectors (Part 2)?

A wide array of coaxial connectors is available from a large number of suppliers to satisfy high-frequency requirements.
Test & Measurement

Cables Are Part of the Test Setup

Coaxial cable assemblies are often required for transferring signals to and from a device under test (DUT), but their importance is often overlooked when assembling a test setup...