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Development Ecosystem Drives G3-PLC Hybrid Connectivity into Smart Devices

Seeking to accelerate G3-PLC Hybrid connectivity in smart-grid and IoT devices, a pair of development kits centers on ST's ST8500 PLC modem chipset.
Purdue University
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Metamaterials Store Energy in Their Skins

Energy can be stored and accessed using convex and concave shapes on sheets of bistable materials.
NXP Semiconductors
0820 Mw Nxp In Vehicle Wireless Charging

In-Vehicle Controller Wirelessly Charges Two Mobile Devices at Once

Single controller simultaneously charges two Qi-enabled mobile devices at up to 2 x 15 W.
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Northrop Grumman Seeks More Renewable Energy in Virginia

Northrop Grumman’s acquisition of another solar power facility should enable the company to operate all its Virginia operations on renewable energy.
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Technologies Extend Range of UUVs

A combination of underwater electrical connectors and unique energy-harvesting technology may extend the operating ranges of UUVs.
HaLow, the new version of Wi-Fi, is designed to consume significantly lower power and have twice the range as traditional Wi-Fi, making suitable for the tiny sensors that will gather data in future smart cities. (Image courtesy of EFF Photos/Flickr).

The Down Low on HaLow: Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things

A new version of Wi-Fi is trying to alter the perception that it is not suited for the industrial sensors, wearables, and smart home devices that will keep the Internet of Things...
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How Do You Stack Up?

Welcome to this year’s annual compensation survey. In surveying our audience across our family of brands, we found a number of similar findings.
A carbon nanotube optical rectenna converts green laser light to electricity in the laboratory of Baratunde Cola at the Georgia Institute of Technology. (Image courtesy of Rob Felt, Georgia Tech).

Optical Rectenna Converts Light Waves into Direct Current

A research team from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed the first optical rectenna, which combines the functions of an antenna and a rectifier diode to convert ...
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2015 Engineering Salary Survey: Compensation & Job Satisfaction Top The List

View the results of the 2015 Microwaves & RF Engineering Salary Survey as we take a closer look at the numbers and offer insights into keeping up with tech innovations, growing...