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Sixth-Generation Networks Push New Boundaries

The complexity of 6G networks, which will be a boon to industrial and healthcare spaces, among others, will require innovative approaches to develop compatible systems, especially...
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Phase-Noise Modeling, Simulation, and Propagation in Phase-Locked Loops (Part 3)

Wrapping up the series, in Part 3 we analyze the example hypothetical synthesizer to demonstrate the concepts and methods presented in the series.
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Understanding Phase-Noise Measurement Techniques

Phase noise can be measured and analyzed either with traditional spectrum analyzers or dedicated phase-noise analyzers.
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Hardware/Software Co-Design: The Five Core Principles

Developing a solution across geographic time zones, cultures, and skillsets can be difficult. Following these core principles to optimize hardware and software system components...
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What Designers Should Know About iSIMs

iSIM technology, or the integrated version of SIM and its functionality, is broadening the path for secure embedded design. What are the differences between iSIM, eSIM, and SIM...
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The World of RF for Military and Defense

In the world of RF for military and defense, SDRs bring much to the table for applications like radar transceivers, spectrum monitoring, and electronic warfare.
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A Review of RF Sampling vs. Zero-IF Radio Architectures

A deep dive into two common radio architectures compares the tradeoffs on how each solves the unique challenge of growing co-location issues.
Products of the Week

Products of the Week: February 27, 2023

Here's this week's selection of some of the most interesting new products that have been launched of late.
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Phase-Noise Modeling, Simulation, and Propagation in Phase-Locked Loops (Part 1)

This three-part series discusses how phase noise in general is modeled and simulated, and how RF component phase noise propagates through a PLL to determine its output phase noise...