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CMOS Yields UHF RFID Transmitter

This integrated RFID transmitter includes an upconversion mixer and power amplifier for generating high-output voltage waveforms with relatively high efficiency from 860 to 960...
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Compensating For DGS Filter Loss

Dr. Ahmed Boutejdar and Dr. Abbas Omar Novel circuit design elements such as defected-ground-structure (DGS) resonators and electromagnetic-band-gap (EBG) structures have helped...
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Design Tunable Filters Using Feedback

Tunable microwave filters are useful in both commercial and military systems. The oldest forms of these filters are mechanical, with excellent insertion loss and power-handling...
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Method Minimizes Noise In VCXOs

The trick is combining self-injection locking with mode-coupling techniques to shave the size, cost, and phase noise from voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs).