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Test & Measurement

VNAs Must Keep Pace with Advanced Signal-Integrity Demands

A vector network analyzer needs the proper frequency coverage and dedicated SI measurement tools to achieve accurate and repeatable results for today’s high-speed designs.
Silicon Labs

What's the Difference Between Matter 1.0, Matter 1.1, and Matter 1.2?

Across its three iterations to date, the Matter connectivity protocol has significantly expanded its reach. Learn what’s new in the latest revision.
Test & Measurement

Ingestible Thermo Sensor Performs Core Body-Temperature Monitoring

BodyCAP's eCelsius Performance Connect System leverages Insight SiP’s RF modules to perform continuous temperature monitoring.
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Building Canada’s First Commercial Virtualized and Open RAN

Wind River Studio delivers cloud-native solutions for high-scale deployment of next-generation network infrastructure.
Rohde & Schwarz
Test & Measurement

Collaboration Addresses Non-Terrestrial IoT Deployments

Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with Sony Semiconductor Israel to reach milestones for NTN NB-IoT roll-out.
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Thank Goodness for the Innovators!

Today’s industry innovations aren’t as earth-shaking as the transistor and the IC, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important.
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The Move into mmWave Frequencies (Part 1)

This video series details the issues that RF/mmWave designers face as they address the millimeter-wave spectrum. Part 1 focuses on frequency dispersion and interfering signals...
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Empowering SOMs for IoT Devices with Matter Connectivity

For Matter to realize its full potential, robust hardware solutions are needed, which is where systems-on-modules play a pivotal role.
University of Otago

Laser and Glass Cell Create Non-Metallic, Atom-Based Microwave Antenna

A non-contact, non-metallic gigahertz antenna uses an enclosed vapor cell of excited rubidium atoms with laser beams for sensing their state.