University of Otago

Laser and Glass Cell Create Non-Metallic, Atom-Based Microwave Antenna

A non-contact, non-metallic gigahertz antenna uses an enclosed vapor cell of excited rubidium atoms with laser beams for sensing their state.
Analog Devices
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Easy Digital-Filter Applications for Not-So-Easy RF System Designs

Digital filters provide a meaningful way of controlling the input spectra of communication systems. This article demonstrates a quick and easy method for implementing these simple...
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NASA Looks to Thermal-Imaging Camera in Space

The miniature Boson thermal camera imaging module from Teledyne is being modified by NASA for takeoffs from Earth and measurements in the void of deep space.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
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Avenger UAS Exhibits Autonomous Behavior

An MQ-20 Avenger UAS was operated under autonomous control by software capable of coordinating unmanned fleet activities.
RTX Systems
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Biosensor Monitors Ocean Health from Space

The GLIMR probe will perform imaging of oceanic and other water bodies from space to track the biological health of the oceans and rivers.
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Motion and Bone-Conduction Sensor Saves Space, Power in Hearables

An all-in-one sensor delivers longer listening experience and superior hearing in TWS headphones and AR/VR/MR headsets.
Distributed Amplifiers Challenge Wide Bandwidths

Distributed Amplifiers Challenge Wide Bandwidths

Trends in solid-state distributed amplifiers continue to grow in gain and bandwidth at higher frequencies.
Wyoming officials will equip 400 snow plows patrol cars and commercial trucks with dedicated shortrange communications systems so that they can chat about the weather and send collision warnings to each other Image courtesy of Thinkstock

Testing Connected Vehicles On a Major Trucking Route

The highway will be a testing ground for dedicated short-range communications that will let 400 snow plows, patrol cars, and commercial trucks chat about the weather and send ...
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Amplifier Start-Up Rewarded for Avoiding Smartphones

The start-up, Guerrilla RF, has patented designs that prevent large radio frequency inputs from turning on amplifiers. The technology stands out for its high isolation.