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New Book is an Antenna Resource for All

This practical guide on antennas covers a wide range of topics such as microstrip antenna design, phased-array antennas, and much more.
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Has Simulation Software Made Us Smarter?

One cannot question the advanced capabilities of modern simulation software tools, but how is that affecting the next generation of engineers?
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Test & Measurement

Analyze Multiple Domains with Just One Oscilloscope

Equipped with new mixed-domain analysis capability, this scope goes above and beyond traditional measurements.
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How Well Do You Know James Clerk Maxwell?

There’s no questioning the importance of Maxwell’s equations. But do most engineers still remember them?
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Editor Columns

Queensborough Community College Gets an “A” in RF

With a focus on RF education, Queensborough Community College gives students a hands-on experience thanks to its array of industry-standard test equipment and more.
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Communications Latency: How Low Can You Go?

Speed, speed, speed...it's the mantra in modern communications, and most any kind of latency has become intolerable.
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What Are Your Favorite Microwave Books?

Lou Frenzel gives a rundown of his favorite go-to books and references covering the world of microwave and RF technology.
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Mysterious Wireless Band Fits IoT Apps

Some useful frequencies are elusive or simply unknown to many engineers, so it wouldn’t hurt to take some time and dig through the FCC “bible” of federal regulations.
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Are There Too Many Short-Range Wireless Standards?

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, you're certainly not lacking for choices.