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Does Your Company’s Website Do It Justice?

Oct. 1, 2018
RF/microwave companies are pushing out new websites to meet modern business needs. How do they stack up against your firm’s site?

The RF/microwave industry has recently seen the launch of several new websites from companies such as Integra TechnologiesCopper Mountain Technologies, and Rohde & Schwarz, just to name a few. It’s good to see companies unveiling fresh new sites—it’s obviously no secret that a good website is vital for businesses today.

The recipe for a good website in 2018 is, of course, quite a bit different than it was back in 2008. With smartphones now being an essential part of our lives, a large percentage of web traffic originates from mobile devices. Needless to say, then, that a website should be developed with mobile-device usability in mind.

Websites for RF/microwave companies shouldn’t be an exception to mobile usability. For instance, let’s say you’re waiting for your flight with your phone in hand. You suddenly realize that you need to go online to check on some sort of product information from a company trying to sell you that product. If that company’s website wasn’t developed for mobile usability, you could have a hard time getting the information you need.

Another important factor when it comes to websites is the content management system (CMS). WordPress, which now powers about 30% of websites, is used by many smaller RF/microwave companies as their CMS.

Then there’s Strand Marketing, which developed its own CMS, known as Intent ICMS (integrated content management system). The agency has built websites for several companies in the RF/microwave industry, including the aforementioned Integra Technologies. Additional clients include Custom MMIC and SemiGen, among others.

So, what makes a good website? Answers to that question tend to vary somewhat. Personally, I like a site that makes it easy to find the information you are searching out. For example, let’s say you need to access a white paper or application note from a company’s site. I would venture to say that some of you have had the experience of not being able to easily find that sort of information. I think that experience should be considered when developing a site. That’s just one of several factors, all of which I may address at some point in the future.

This discussion could go on in greater detail, getting into topics such as analytics, blogging, social media, etc. In the end, companies in the RF/microwave industry will hopefully continue to realize the importance of a good website because it can only help them in today’s instant-access age.

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