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A Farewell to Microwaves & RF

Dec. 5, 2019
After nearly five years with the magazine, it’s now time to move on to the next chapter.

To the Microwaves & RF audience, I start by bringing you the news that this column will be my final one, as I’m leaving the magazine after four-and-a-half years. And while I’m truly grateful for the experience I’ve had here, I’m also looking forward to what lies ahead.

When I first embarked upon this job back in May 2015, I had much enthusiasm for what I was getting into. And I was not disappointed, as this position has been everything I could ask for. From working in New York City to seeing the industry from a much different perspective and a whole lot more, this job certainly made a lasting impact on me.

However, the time has now come to close this chapter and move on to the next one. And the next step for me is a new position with Modelithics, a company that has intrigued me for some time. So, while it’s bittersweet in a sense to be leaving Microwaves & RF, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with the Modelithics crew.

Before leaving, I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people I’ve worked with during my time here. First, while she has since moved on, I have to thank Nancy Friedrich, who gave me the opportunity to work for the magazine in the first place. I also have to say thank you to Mr. Microwaves & RF himself, Jack Browne, for all of his support.

I would also like to thank my other colleagues—people like Roger Engelke, Jeremy Cohen, Tony Vitolo, Jocelyn Hartzog, and Vicki McCarty, just to name a few. On top of that, I want to thank the many people from the different companies I’ve had an opportunity to work with during my time here. Of course, I cannot name everyone, but I really appreciate all of the support I received.

I’m also hopeful that you, the reader, enjoyed the work I did. And I hope that you continue to enjoy Microwaves & RF for some time to come. And with that, I’ll call it a wrap. But before I do, as we end the year, I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next time…

Chris De Martino

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