The Top Products of 2017 (.PDF Download)

Dec. 1, 2017
The Top Products of 2017 (.PDF Download)

In 2017, many companies in the RF/microwave industry introduced new products that propelled them to greater heights. To meet the needs of today’s commercial, military, and industrial markets, companies are setting the bar higher in terms of product performance. Here, Microwaves & RF presents our picks for the top products of2017.

Test & Measurement Solutions

No question, suppliers of test-and-measurement equipment delivered a number of cutting-edge products in 2017. In a sense, one could say that some of the newest high-frequency test-and-measurement equipment is changing the perception of traditional test instrumentation. For example, instruments such as spectrum analyzers and vector network analyzers (VNAs) have traditionally been built in the form of bulky boxes. However, some suppliers are now offering smaller, portable versions.

One product line that was launched in 2017 that exemplifies the trend of smaller test instruments is Anritsu’s Spectrum Master MS2760A. This line of portable spectrum analyzers consists of six different models, with the highest-frequency version covering frequencies as high as 110 GHz. At 110 GHz, greater than 100 dB of dynamic range is achieved. Furthermore, the MS2760A spectrum analyzers measure only 6.1 × 3.3 × 1.1 in. (155 × 84 × 27 mm) and weigh just 9 oz. (255 g).