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April 1st @ Microwaves & RF

March 27, 2024

Welcome to our annual April 1st issues, where we try to bring some amusement and humor to an otherwise turbulent and wacky world. You can read and download all the stories in our April 1st Ebooks (below).

Traditionally, April 1st has been a time to celebrate with jokes, spoofs, and other tricks. Taking time to laugh can be difficult with all the other problems both personal and global, but hopefully it makes dealing with these a little easier or at least improves your outlook on life. 

Each year we collected a number of new stories from editors and readers. They touch on familiar topics like quantum computing and IoT along with analog and power topics in a twisted fashion. We hope they will not confuse new readers too much, as our regular fare is designed to inform and educate readers about real technology rather than our whimsical machinations. 

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Getting Started with Python for VNA Automation

April 19, 2024
The video goes through the steps for starting to use Python and SCPI commands to automate Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs. The process of downloading and installing Python IDC...

Can I Use the VNA Software Without an Instrument?

April 19, 2024
Our VNA software application offers a demo mode feature, which does not require a physical VNA to use. Demo mode is easy to access and allows you to simulate the use of various...

Introduction to Copper Mountain Technologies' Multiport VNA

April 19, 2024
Modern RF applications are constantly evolving and demand increasingly sophisticated test instrumentation, perfect for a multiport VNA.

Automating Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

April 19, 2024
Copper Mountain Technology VNAs can be automated by using either of two interfaces: a COM (also known as ActiveX) interface, or a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) socket interface...