Rogers Corp.
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Rogers Debuts 3D-Printable Dielectrics and Laminates

At IMS2022, Rogers Corp. will be showcasing a new 3D-printable dielectric for use in gradient dielectric-constant (GRIN) structures as well as laminates for short-range industrial...
U.S. Dept. of Defense
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DoD Forming Large 3D-Printed Buildings

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are being used with a unique concrete material to erect training barracks for the U.S. Army.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
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3D Printing Shields Satellite Components

A custom print nozzle developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory enables 3D printing of shielding materials directly on electronic components.
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Novel Material Challenges Legacy Audio Amplification

A breakthrough in materials science defies traditional electronics by doing away with them altogether in a range of audio apps.
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Metasurface Enables High-Efficiency Harvesting of Ambient RF Energy

By constructing a resonant metamaterial antenna, researchers have captured and used a meaningful amount of ambient RF energy in the low-gigahertz range of the electromagnetic ...
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Blink and You'll Miss 'Em: IMS 2021's MicroApps

Sometimes you want a whole meal, and sometimes just an appetizer. IMS 2021 aspires to provide the latter with short and snappy MicroApps tech presentations.
11 Myths

11 Myths About the PCB Industry

Today’s high-data-rate, high-frequency designs create new challenges for printed-circuit-board design.
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Programmable THz-Wave Beamforming Surface Built from CMOS Tile Array

Using a tiled array of CMOS devices, a research team devised a metasurface that provides high-speed focusing and beamforming of terahertz waves.
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IMS 2021 Prepares for mmWave Applications

Interest in components, circuit materials, and test solutions for millimeter-wave frequencies looms large as the RF/microwave industry readies for two versions of the annual IEEE...