The Zynq7000 SDR kit provides all the hardware and software for a designer to program their own commercial or military radio over wide bandwidths to 4 GHz
The models MDO40143 and MDO40343 are the two latest additions to the MDO4000 series of oscilloscopesspectrum analyzers introduced last year The new models have analog bandwidths of 100 and 350 MHz for the scopes and RF ranges of 50 kHz to 3 GHz for the spectrum analyzers
1 The MS2028B VNA Master is a fully featured 5kHzto20GHz twoport network analyzer is a compact handholdable housing Photo courtesy of Anritsu Co wwwanritsucom
Lansdale Wheels Out Wireless Subsystem
NASA technicians evaluate the temperature effects of atmospheric reentry on electronic materials Photo courtesy of NASA wwwnasagov
Memory Infusion Allows Chip To Further RFID’s Reach