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  • September-October 2023 Microwaves & RF

    Sept Oct 1
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    Non-Terrestrial Satellite Networks on the Ascent

    Sept. 29, 2023
    The 3GPP’s 2022 standards for non-terrestrial networks have spawned a boom in convergence of satellite communications and cellular networks.
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    Test & Measurement

    An Introduction to the VNA and Vector Network Analysis

    Sept. 12, 2023
    This article provides a brief tutorial on the vector network analyzer, how it works, and its application.
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    Test & Measurement

    State-of-the-Art Testers Chase Complex Wireless Signals

    Sept. 6, 2023
    As wireless applications and frequencies ramp up, test equipment must increase measurement capabilities, even when operating as battery-powered portables, into the mmWave range...
    Test & Measurement

    5G RedCap Release 17 Connectivity Successfully Verified

    Aug. 22, 2023
    Using the R&S CMX500 OBT wireless communications tester, Rohde & Schwarz and MediaTek were able to verify 5G RedCap Rel. 17 connectivity.

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    Test & Measurement

    Over-the-Air Dynamic Channel Model Validation Solution Released

    Aug. 17, 2023
    Developed in a collaborative effort between Keysight and CTTL, the platform implements and validates what's said to be the first dynamic MIMO over-the-air channel model for the...
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    Making the Software-Defined Vehicle a Reality

    Aug. 15, 2023
    Next-generation vehicles will be defined by software, not hardware, with cloud software concepts like containers delivering an agile approach to swapping out and updating software...
    Spectrum Control

    Digitally Tunable Modular RF Blocks Empower Mil/Aero Systems

    Aug. 2, 2023
    The SCi blocks family consists of RF SiPs, RF sticks, and open modules to meet the requirements of next-generation defense and aerospace systems.

    3D Coil Receiver Antenna for VR/AR Claimed as Smallest Available

    Aug. 1, 2023
    Arriving on the market at approximately 60% the size of similar products, the 3DCC03 series is designed to meet the growing demand for miniaturization of EM motion tracking sensors...
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    Active components

    “Talking” Concrete Aids in Highway Maintenance

    July 31, 2023
    This unique sensor is embedded in poured concrete and communicates the condition of the road via smartphone on a cellular telephone network.
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    RTL Design Tool Brings Gains in Productivity, Quality of Results

    July 14, 2023
    Cadence's Joules RTL Design Studio delivers up to 5X faster register-transfer-level convergence and up to 25% improved QoR through fast, accurate, and early physical insight and...
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    Phase-Noise Modeling, Simulation, and Propagation in Phase-Locked Loops (Part 2)

    April 10, 2023
    In Part 2, we design a hypothetical PLL frequency synthesizer as an example to be used for analysis.