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Mercury Systems is a developer of complex and secure, high-performance, open-architecture products and subsystems, purpose-built for all customers in the aerospace and defense industry.


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Mercury Systems is the leader in making trusted, secure mission-critical technologies profoundly more accessible to the aerospace and defense industries.  Optimized for customer and mission success, our innovative solutions power more than 300 critical aerospace and defense programs.

Headquartered in Andover, MA, and with manufacturing and design facilities around the world, Mercury specializes in engineering, adapting and manufacturing new solutions purpose-built to meet the industry’s current and emerging high-tech needs. Our employees are committed to Innovation That Matters®.          

Articles & News

Mercury Systems
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Compact, Lightweight Module Encrypts Sensitive Data

Nov. 2, 2023
This encryption module provides JDAR-level protection in a housing weighing only 0.9 lb. and consuming less than 7 W of power.
U.S. Army
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Radar Processing Hardware Lifts LTAMDS Radars

Sept. 19, 2023
Development and delivery of the LTAMDS radars represents a modernization of the Army’s long-running Patriot radar systems from Raytheon Technologies.
Mercury Systems
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Mercury Drops First Signal-Processing Board with Intel’s Latest Direct RF Technology

Jan. 24, 2023
Direct RF technology means fewer antennas and great reductions in system complexity for signal processing at the tactical edge.
Mercury Systems
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Dense DDR4 Memory Uses Space Wisely

Jan. 19, 2023
Compact DDR4 memory modules meet the small-size requirements of deep-space missions as well as medical, aerospace, and defense applications using plastic BGA packaging and multiple...
Mercury Systems
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FPGA Co-Processing Board is First Powered by Versal HBM Platform

Oct. 5, 2022
The board brings massive edge-processing capabilities to EW and spectrum processing applications, resulting in split-second data advantages.
Mercury Systems
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Mercury Tackles Video for Rotary-Wing ISR Systems

Sept. 9, 2022
A modular open-systems architecture enables rapid development of advanced solutions such as a recent contract for an ISR video subsystem.

Videos & Resources

Mercury Systems
Figure 1 Drf Architecture Vs If Sampling

Minimizing the Signal Chain with Direct RF Technology

Feb. 3, 2023
Mercury Systems' Ken Hermanny and Rodger Hosking discuss the company's deployment of Direct RF technology in its signal-processing products for defense and aerospace applications...
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Revving Up the Sensor Open Systems Architecture Edition 2.0

Oct. 25, 2022
Mercury Systems' Rodger Hosking talks about the latest SOSA initiative and the company's 5560 SOSA-compliant board.
Mercury Systems
Rfs1140 Web Image

Mercury Microelectronics SHIPs Out with RF SiPs

May 24, 2022
Tom Smelker, VP & GM of Mercury Microelectronics, discusses the company's new RFS1140 RF system-in-package as well as its broader involvement with the U.S. Navy's State-of-the...
Mercury Systems
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What Mercury Systems Saw in Atlanta Micro

Jan. 31, 2022
Kevin Beals, VP and GM of microwave and mixed signal at Mercury, and Clay Couey, senior director and GM at Atlanta Micro, discuss the technology synergies and strategic thinking...
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The Top Products of 2021: Part 2

Nov. 29, 2021
Here's part 2 of our three-part Media Gallery series on the outstanding product announcements of 2021 as determined by our audience.
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
Alpha Omega Semi

Products of the Week: October 8, 2021

Oct. 7, 2021
Here's this week's roundup of some notable new products that have grabbed our attention; we hope they'll grab yours, too.

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Mercury Systems
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Mercury’s Data Recorder Eases Access to Big Data at the Edge

Sept. 2, 2022
A data-center-class, all-flash-memory, network-attached storage system serves mission-critical AI and machine-learning applications.
Mercury Systems
0522 Mw Mercury Ammp Mission Computer

Mercury Launches Industry-First Safe, SOSA-Aligned Mission Computer

May 19, 2022
The open standards-based, DAL-certifiable system delivers up to 40X more performance than current-generation computers while saving space and power.
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RFICs and MMICs Aim at SWaP Targets

Feb. 22, 2022
Designers of aerospace and defense electronic systems look to more efficient RFICs and MMICs with increased functionality to achieve solutions with ever-smaller SWaP.

The Road Forward: Mercury Systems, Pentek, and SOSA

Sept. 1, 2021
Ken Hermanny and Rodger Hosking of Mercury Systems discuss the technology synergies between Mercury and its recent acquisition, Pentek, and how the Sensors Open System Architecture...
Mercury Systems
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Processor Module Has Built-in Cybersecurity

June 29, 2021
The OpenVPX HDS6705 processor module is designed to meet SWaP requirements while maintaining cybersecurity in the most hostile operating environments.
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Test & Measurement

Mercury Systems Acquires Pentek

June 8, 2021
The $65 million acquisition strengthens Mercury’s existing mixed-signal product portfolio; deepens reach into radar, electronic warfare (EW), and signals intelligence markets....

Products of the Week: Defense

May 8, 2021
In this roundup, we will look at some of the latest military technologies to hit the market in 2021.
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The Top Products of 2020: Part 2

Dec. 26, 2020
While 2020 may not make anyone's top-ten list of years, here's a second group of the year's Top Products, chosen by our audience.
Mercury Systems
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Wideband Downconverters and Tuners Save on SWaP

Dec. 1, 2020
Covering 0.5 to 26.5 GHz (or, optionally, 44 GHz), these compact devices come in single- and dual-channel configurations.