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Mercury Tackles Video for Rotary-Wing ISR Systems

Sept. 9, 2022
A modular open-systems architecture enables rapid development of advanced solutions such as a recent contract for an ISR video subsystem.

As part of an $8 million contract (with lifetime value of approximately $25 million) for a leading aerospace and defense (A&D) contractor, Mercury Systems has been tasked with designing and developing video-switching technology for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

As ISR systems continue to capture increasing amounts of video data, the data must be sorted and streamlined for efficient and effective use by aircraft pilots. The advanced video-switching technology to be developed by Mercury will be applied to rotary-wing aircraft to help pilots gain the greatest benefits from ISR video data.

As the number of sensors grows aboard ISR systems, including airborne and satellite-based sensors, the amount of video information regarding potential threats increases and must be managed rapidly and efficiently. Mercury’s modular approach to system and subsystem design helps speed the development of advanced solutions including for video processing.

As Paul Tanner, vice-president, international growth operations for Mercury Systems, explains, “Our customers leverage Mercury’s end-to-end processing capabilities to build the most sophisticated safety-critical aerospace systems.” Concerning the contract, Tanner adds, “As an independent domestic supplier of key open mission systems, this contract enables Mercury to fulfill our commitment to deliver affordable purpose-built solutions to our customers in support of their desire to ensure pilot and mission safety.”