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WIN Semiconductors is the world's first professional foundry service company to produce GaAs MMICs with 6" wafers.


No. 358, Hwaya 2nd Road
Hwaya Technology Park, Guishan District
Taoyuan City 33383

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WIN Semiconductors Corp. was founded in October of 1999, and has become the first pure-play 6-inch GaAs foundry in the world. In recognition of the growing demand, three advanced GaAs wafer fabs were established to manufacture cost-effective, high speed, and high quality GaAs MMICs (monolithic microwave ICs) and RFICs (radio frequency ICs).

WIN provides dedicated foundry services to design houses and integrated device manufacturers. Using state of the art GaAs technology, WIN supplies HBT and pHEMT MMIC fabrication services to worldwide IC corporations. With MMIC technique as basis, WIN also provides optoelectronic device fabrication services for optical communication and 3D sensing applications.

The technologies include: 1μm HBT, 2μm HBT, 0.5μm pHEMT Switch, 0.5μm power pHEMT, 0.25μm power pHEMT, 0.25μm E/D pHEMT, 0.15μm LNA pHEMT, 0.15μm power pHEMT, 0.1μm power pHEMT and BiFET pHEMT are in mass-production now.

1μm HBT is ideal for fiber communication systems. 2μm HBT and 0.5μm pHEMT Switches are ideal for handsets and WLAN applications. 0.1μm, 0.15μm, and 0.25μm pHEMT technologies are ideals for applications from discrete low noise/power FETs, SATCOM, VSAT, base station, automotive radar, and 40Gb/s fiber optic MMICs. 0.5μm pHEMT is ideal for SATCOM, GPS, Cable TV tuner, Electronic toll collection and WLAN.

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The Design of a Plastic-Packaged PA for 28-GHz 5G

June 26, 2019
Engineers put a low-cost, 4- × 4-mm, plastic-packaged power amplifier intended for 28-GHz 5G applications through a series of simulations to see how it “measures” up.
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Semiconductors Shine at 2019 IEEE IMS

May 30, 2019
From discrete high-power transistors to highly integrated ICs with combinations of analog and digital functions, the 2019 IMS exhibition will provide a good look at the latest...
(Image courtesy of Toshiba).

Win Semiconductors Signals Staying Power of Gallium Arsenide

Aug. 2, 2017
That came through clearly in the foundry's second quarter earnings. The company's net income rose to around $24.05 million, up 3% from the same time last year.

RFICs Aim for Higher Functional Densities

Jan. 31, 2017
Whether for analog, digital, power, or a combination of functions, ICs designs are targeting increased functionality in smaller footprints.

What’s the Difference Between GaN and GaAs?

July 7, 2016
GaN has emerged as the leading semiconductor material for high-power microwave switches and amplifiers, although GaAs is still the material of choice for low noise.
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Design An ETSI E-Band Circuit

Oct. 7, 2013
The use of simulation software was instrumental in optimizing the performance of an IC for millimeter-wave communications at E-band frequencies.

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