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Low-Loss Cables Connect to 40 GHz (.PDF Download)

July 12, 2017
Low-Loss Cables Connect to 40 GHz (.PDF Download)

Coaxial cables are those often-overlooked components in a high-frequency systems, usually only noticed when they fail due to overworked or over-torqued connectors or over-flexed conductors. One line of coaxial cables built to last is the KBL series from Mini-Circuits, with high-quality plated conductors, rugged armor jacket, and durable 2.92-mm connectors. The combination of low-loss cables and connectors results in a line of fixed-length cables with instrument-grade performance from dc to 40 GHz.

The KBL coaxial cable assemblies (see figure) are available in stock lengths of 1.5, 2, and 4 ft., as well as 1- and 2-m and custom lengths. The RoHS-compliant cables use a solid silver-plated, copper-clad-steel center conductor and round silver-plated, copper outer conductor. The cables achieve excellent insulation between the conductors with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric, and are fortified by means of stainless-steel spiral armor with a stainless-steel braid. The cables feature a protective shield and strain relief for long life and are terminated at both ends with stainless-steel 2.92-mm connectors. A blue PVC outer jacket protects the cables.

The connectors are designed to handle a large number of mating cycles with minimal performance degradation, and mate with K, 3.5-mm, and SMA connectors. The design and assembly of the coaxial cable assemblies results in reliable long-term performance, especially in test-and-measurement applications where connectors are attached and removed repeatedly to a test port or a device under test (DUT).