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Active Diplexer and E-band Amplifier Enhance Long-Range Communications

June 1, 2023
Filtronic's second-generation active diplexer follows the first-generation launch at IMS 2022.

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Two new product ranges—Taurus, a high-power E-band amplifier, and Hades X2, a next-generation active diplexer—will be showcased by Filtronic in IMS Booth 315.

The Taurus amplifier provides a highly linear mmWave power boost and typical PSAT of 38 dBm. The Hades X2 active diplexer delivers a typical PSAT of 30 dBm and sports dual high-power amplifiers. It also boasts a pair of performance-matched gallium-arsenide (GaAs) MMICs that are power-combined in a waveguide to deliver maximum power and linearity. The Hades X2 launch follows the launch of the first generation of Hades products at IMS 2022.

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