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ZigBee 3.0 Shows its Power

This white paper describes ZigBee 3.0, explaining the role it plays in the Internet of Things (IoT).
The OpenCellular device Image courtesy of Facebook

Facebook’s Tiny Cell Station Eyes the Remote and Rural

Facebook recently revealed a new device called OpenCellular that allows wireless carriers to bring connectivity to places lying outside the reach of cell towers.
Samsung engineers in 2013 set up tests for the chipmaker39s early 5G equipment More recent advances have produced smaller and more efficient parts for 5G wireless networks Image courtesy of Samsung
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Samsung Makes Strides in Shrinking 5G Antennas

Samsung Electronics said it has made smaller and more efficient parts for 5G wireless networks, tackling one of the trickier problems with new wireless standards.
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Narrowband IoT Standard Gets Stamp of Approval

The 3G Partnership Project has finished laying out a new wireless IoT standard known as Narrowband-IoT. It will become part of the larger LTE specification.
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4G Finally Takes Seat at Wireless Throne

After nearly seven years since it was introduced, global revenue from 4G wireless service is poised to overtake 3G for the first time. Meanwhile, 2G and 3G revenues are falling...

Intel, AT&T Test Drones on LTE Network

Both companies want to understand how reliable the networks are for streaming live video and flight information—and in general, how they work with devices flying through the air...
Deutsche Telekom39s headquarters in Bonn Germany The wireless carrier one of the largest in Germany recently partnered with Qualcomm to test Licensed Assisted Access technology that unloads LTE data into the unlicensed spectrum Image courtesy of Deutsche Telekom

Qualcomm Tests LTE over Unlicensed Spectrum in Germany

Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest wireless companies in Germany, recently completed the first “over-the-air” tests of Licensed Assisted Access technology.
Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce Creative Commons

Sony Buys Modem Chip Supplier For Cellular Internet of Things

Sony is paying $212 million to acquire Altair Semiconductor, an Israeli company that sells LTE chips and software.
HaLow the new version of WiFi is designed to consume significantly lower power and have twice the range as traditional WiFi making suitable for the tiny sensors that will gather data in future smart cities Image courtesy of EFF PhotosFlickr

The Down Low on HaLow: Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things

A new version of Wi-Fi is trying to alter the perception that it is not suited for the industrial sensors, wearables, and smart home devices that will keep the Internet of Things...