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GaN PA MMICs Serve mmWave 5G and Satcom Apps

June 8, 2023
The series of GaN HEMT PAs is designed to optimize output power and linearity in high-data-rate communications waveforms without sacrificing efficiency.

This article is part of our IMS 2023 coverage.

mmTron’s new family of five gallium-nitride (GaN) power amplifiers (PAs) will be a highlight of the company’s Booth 343 at IMS 2023. The PAs, which cover from 22 to 41 GHz, offer a range of frequency coverage and output power options, and all were designed to optimize output power and linearity for high-data-rate communications waveforms without sacrificing efficiency.

The lead product in the family, the TMC211, is designed to be the first single-chip PA to provide 50 W of saturated output power in the 27- to 31-GHz band. The single die integrates a single-ended, two-stage PA designed to provide 50 W without combining multiple MMICs with the attendant combined losses, which is particularly problematic at mmWave frequencies. mmTron’s single-chip PA reduces the area by some 60% compared to combining two MMICs.

For the 39-GHz 5G band, the TMC212 was designed to provide 5 W of saturated power with an output TOI of 43 dBm and 20-dB small-signal gain. The three-stage PA was simultaneously optimized for linearity and PAE: 4% error vector magnitude (EVM) at 27-dBm output power (with a 400-MHz, 64-QAM signal) and 26% PAE at saturated output power.

mmTron’s TMC212, TMC2111, TMC152, and TMC253 die are available now for production orders. TMC211 die will be available in production volumes in the third quarter of 2023. All MMICs in the family will also be available in packaged versions.

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