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2023 Salary Survey eBook from Microwaves & RF

Dec. 11, 2023
Get the latest salary and career insights from microwaves and RF engineers as well as other industry professionals from the engineering community.

This eBook is part of the Annual Salary Survey series.

Of the multiple topics garnering attention from respondents to the 2023 Salary & Career Report from Microwaves & RF, one of the hottest is the state of continuing education in the industry. The consensus? More engineers are now taking advantage of the opportunities afforded them.

The survey tackles many other key areas of interest and concern about engineers' jobs, including:

  • The need for skilled engineers and why more companies are shelling out the dollars to meet the demand.
  • What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean to your job?
  • The changing dynamic of the work space. 
  • A renewed vigor in the craft of engineering, and the eventual pay off that ensues.
  • The state of continuing education.
  • The mindset of today's engineers in terms of their outlook on what the future holds.

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