Processes Help Build Micron-Scale Circuits

Processes Help Build Micron-Scale Circuits

Circuit-fabrication services provide miniature dimensions with circuit traces as narrow as 3 µm on single- and multilayer circuit boards.

For system integrators in need of micron-scale circuit structures and electroformed structures, Metrigraphics will be offering examples of its work at the 2016 IMS, at Booth No. 1012. The firm offers fabrication services for subminiature circuits, including micron-scale flexible and thin-film circuits with circuit traces as narrow as 3 µm. The miniature circuits are flexible and thin enough to wrap around objects with diameters as small as a pencil.

The company employs a blend of standard and proprietary processes to achieve fine feature resolution with high repeatability. Processes include photolithography, plated metal deposition, and sputtered thin-film techniques. Multilayer flexible circuits are constructed of several independently stacked, aligned, and interconnected layers composed of very thin sputtered metal or thicker-plated metal, such as gold or copper, on polyimide substrates. Plated conductive viaholes are formed to connect the different circuit layers as needed. Viaholes can be formed with diameters as small as 25 µm.

Applications for these miniature circuits include high-performance biosensors and electrodes and miniature antennas for mobile devices. Any combination of coils, resistors, inductors, conductors, and bridges can be formed on the circuits,


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