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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Per Vices is a leading RF and digital systems innovator supplying multiple industries with wireless communication solutions.


Toronto, Ontario M6P 1W9

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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Per Vices is a leading RF and digital systems innovator supplying multiple industries with wireless communication solutions. Per Vices is an industry leader in developing and deploying high performance software-defined radio platforms with the highest bandwidth and customer-focused designs,  supporting a wide variety of applications within defense, civil, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, low-latency networks, and broadcasting and wireless management industries. The company offers cost-effective stock products and rapid custom development to meet customer-specific modifications and project requirements.

Software-definable radios are the future of wireless communications and RF solutions. Incorporating a flexible, multi-channel transmit and receive solution, our platforms can be configured as radio and digital receivers, transmitters, transceivers, pulse generators, waveform generators, and (de)modulators with advanced triggering and radio performance that is easily integrated into existing systems or offered as turnkey solutions. Connecting the globe throughout land, sea, air, and space – the possibilities are limitless.

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Monitor and Record More Data than Ever with SDRs

Nov. 6, 2023
Software-defined radio can be used to increase the amount of data that's able to be monitored and recorded, with minimal effect on latency.
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How Software-Defined Radio is Advancing Radar Systems

April 20, 2023
Radar systems are increasingly important in many industries. However, as they carry out complex techniques, they need transceivers that can meet their needs. Software-defined ...
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The World of RF for Military and Defense

April 4, 2023
In the world of RF for military and defense, SDRs bring much to the table for applications like radar transceivers, spectrum monitoring, and electronic warfare.
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Space-Based SDR: NASA’s SCaN Testbed

Dec. 12, 2022
Data obtained from SCaN Testbed experiments is paving the way for the future of space radio, with cognitive communication systems combining software-defined radios with AI/ML ...
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Strengthen SATCOM with SDR-Enhanced Phased-Array Antennas

Sept. 22, 2022
Many SATCOM apps require constant communication between the satellite and ground station, which can be difficult with conventional antennas. Phased-array technologies, coupled...
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SDR vs. RFSoC: What’s the Better Transceiver?

Aug. 9, 2022
Software-defined radio or radio-frequency system-on-chip? This article compares the two technologies and weighs their advantages and disadvantages for different connectivity application...

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Advances in Software-Defined Radio

July 6, 2022
Victor Woolesen, Per Vices CEO, discusses the challenges and advantages of implementing software-defined radio.
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Products of the Week: February 7, 2022

Feb. 7, 2022
Once again, here is a smattering of interesting products that have come over the transom of late.

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Meld SDR, Host Systems, MIMO to Boost RF Comms Speed and Efficacy

July 13, 2022
High-performance software-defined-radio platforms deliver MIMO functionality and enhanced effectiveness at accelerated rates to meet advanced communication network needs.
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PCB Technology in Software-Defined Radio

July 5, 2022
SDR requires a complex web of circuity on PCBs that not only defines the device's functionality, but also the performance of these microwave and RF systems. Various factors come...
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Reap the Processing Power of FPGA-Integrated SDRs

June 15, 2022
An FPGA, when incorporated into an SDR, is incredibly powerful—these systems can provide the needed input/output bandwidth and processing capabilities for implementing multi-gigasample...
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What’s on Tap for Software-Defined Radio in 2022?

Feb. 3, 2022
This year, look for SDRs to offer increasing sampling rates, system designs to handle data at up to 5 GS/s, and diminishing hardware complexity.
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SDRs as a Reference and Common Clock Source for GNSS Timing Apps

June 30, 2021
Software-defined radios can monitor the integrity of satellites and ground stations and ensure the functionality of GPS tracking, autonomous driving, automation, and financial...
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Evaluating ADC and DAC Performance Characteristics

May 25, 2021
At the boundary of the digital and analog domains is the ADC and DAC, both of which have numerous architectures. The article discusses the types of performance characteristics...
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Advancements in Spectrum Monitoring Leverage Software-Defined Radios

March 19, 2021
For institutions, organizations and individuals operating applications using RF, it can be very important to know who and what is making use of the spectrum.
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Design Considerations for High-Throughput SDR Systems

March 15, 2021
The host and radios must be matched for optimum performance in a software-defined-radio environment.
Test & Measurement

Special Report: RF/Microwave Test

March 11, 2021
Increasing complexity and the need for higher frequencies and bandwidths, multiple channels, low-power operation, and space constraints are placing considerable demands on RF/...