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We've developed 3D planar EM software since 1983; it's earned a solid reputation as the world's most accurate commercial high frequency planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool suite for single and multi-layer planar circuits and antennas.


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Syracuse, NY 13202

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At Sonnet, we've been developing 3D planar EM software since 1983, and our software has earned a solid reputation as the world's most accurate commercial high frequency planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool suite for single and multi-layer planar circuits and antennas. Our software provides very precise layout-based electrical model extraction of passive circuits and planar transmission lines from kHz through THz frequencies.

Founded in 1983 by Dr. James C. Rautio, Sonnet Software Inc. is a private company dedicated completely to the development of commercial high frequency EM software. We take great pride in providing quality technical support for our products--which we believe to be crucial for high-end technical software products.

Sonnet Software, Inc. is based in Syracuse, NY, USA with representatives across the globe.

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RF/mmWave Design Tools Cut Prototyping Costs

March 8, 2023
Software design tools can shave the time and expense of multiple development iterations when striving for a first-round success or when making modifications to improve performance...
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Integrated Simulators Study EM Effects

June 16, 2020
Electromagnetic simulators are gaining in power and ease of use but also becoming more available integrated into other high-frequency simulation software programs

Modelithics Rolls Out Models for Mini-Circuits’ Amplifiers

April 10, 2020
Modelithics now offers over 68 models, representing over 130 individual Mini-Circuits components, that include amplifiers, filters and splitters, among others.
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EM Co-Simulation with Measurement-Based Models Leads to First-Pass Design Success

Feb. 21, 2020
Utilizing measurement-based passive-component models within an electromagnetic simulator enables simulations that accurately predict measured performance.

How Well Do You Know James Clerk Maxwell?

Aug. 26, 2019
There’s no questioning the importance of Maxwell’s equations. But do most engineers still remember them?

Workflow Carves a Path to Effective Filter Design

Aug. 9, 2019
A simulation-based filter design example demonstrates a semi-automated workflow that can help designers achieve first-pass success.

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The 2019 IMS Exhibition Brings High Expectations

May 14, 2019
During a time when defense electronics technology is strong, the industry readies itself for the global adoption of 5G and electronically steered vehicles.

A Recap of WAMICON 2019

April 25, 2019
From the tutorials to the panel session plus other festivities, WAMICON 2019 had something to offer everyone who attended.
2018 IMS Prologue: Prepping for the mmWave Era

IMS 2018 Prologue: Prepping for the mmWave Era

Aug. 2, 2018
The RF/microwave industry was generally optimistic at the exhibition in anticipation of real opportunities for mmWave products in automotive and 5G markets.
Submillimeter-Wave Transceiver Chip Tunes Across 70-GHz Bandwidth

Submillimeter-Wave Transceiver Chip Tunes Across 70-GHz Bandwidth

June 20, 2018
A single-chip design includes a mixer, amplifiers, and antennas for use from 305 to 375 GHz for high-data-rate communications.
Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

Philadelphia Opens Its Doors to 2018 IMS

May 22, 2018
As the applications extrapolate for wireless devices and interest grows in millimeter-wave frequencies, the RF/microwave industry gathers together with great optimism for the ...

Electromagnetic Simulation Software to Watch

July 18, 2017
Our list includes industry stalwarts in simulation software but also under-the-radar companies with more targeted offerings.
The MathWorks
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Designers Find the Right Code at IMS 2017

June 7, 2017
The push to millimeter-wave frequencies is well served by available software tools available on the 2017 IMS exhibition floor.
IMS logo

2017 IEEE IMS Exhibitors Prepare for “The Wave”

May 17, 2017
Visitors to the RF/microwave industry’s largest conference and exhibition can sample some of the hardware, software, and test-equipment products that are turning 5G and IoT into...

Sorting Through Computer Engineering Software

June 3, 2015
High-frequency designers can choose from an array of computer software tools to model and simulate the performance of circuits and/or systems.