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Workflow Carves a Path to Effective Filter Design (.PDF Download)

Aug. 9, 2019
Workflow Carves a Path to Effective Filter Design (.PDF Download)

Simulation-based filter design can be tackled in different ways thanks to the various simulation tools available and the functionality within them. Generally, these tools offer a range of features that help build a more streamlined design process for both seasoned designers and novices alike. This article presents a workflow for designing microstrip filters that leverages two software tools in tandem: FilterSolutions from Nuhertz Technologies’ along with Sonnet Software’s electromagnetic (EM) simulation engine, known as em.

With Nuhertz’s FilterSolutions software, users can design various types of filters, such as lumped-element and distributed versions. One highly effective aspect of FilterSolutions is that it works in conjunction with various third-party EM simulators. As a result, a filter that’s created in FilterSolutions can then be exported to an EM simulator of one’s choice for simulation and analysis.