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BroadWave Technologies is a leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave coaxial components. In addition to standard products, BroadWave specializes in low cost custom components.


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BroadWave Technologies is a leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave coaxial components. In addition to standard products BroadWave specializes in low cost custom components. We are committed to excellence in quality throughout the manufacturing process. All products are manufactured to meet or exceed their specification. Our rigorous quality assurance program and quality control processes ensure our components are free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Our catalog includes popular models of impedance matching pads, DC blocks, feed thru terminations, RF detectors, conduction and convection cooled terminations, conduction and convection cooled fixed attenuators, power dividers, RF adapters, directional couplers, manual variable attenuators and programmable attenuators.

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BroadWave Technologies
1021 Mw Broad Wave Technologies 20 D B Step Attenuator Promo
Test & Measurement

20-dB Single-Step Programmable Attenuator Serves in Scientific Instruments

Oct. 28, 2021
A voltage-controlled device covers a frequency range of DC to 2.5 GHz with attenuation range of 0 to 20 dB in a 20-dB step with ±0.6-dB attenuation accuracy.
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Passive components

Power Dividers Channel 4500 MHz

April 28, 2014
A pair of power dividers supports applications through 4500 MHz.

Impedance-Matching Pads Serve Satcom

Sept. 9, 2010
A line of coaxial impedance-matching pads from BroadWave Technologies has been developed for satellite communications (satcom) applications. The impedance-matching pads eliminate...

Mismatch Manages DC to 1 GHz

Oct. 2, 2007
Model 552-266-021 is a 50-ohm 2.0:1 VSWR mismatch from BroadWave Technologies. It is designed to reflect 12 percent of the incoming signal and is ideal for measurement applications...

BroadWave Technologies Releases 2007 Catalog

May 4, 2007
BroadWave Technologies has announced the availability of its 2007 Product Catalog. The literature features information on the company's extensive lines of fixed and variable attenuators...

Microwave Show Comes To The City By The Bay

May 17, 2006
The worlds largest microwave gathering convenes in San Francisco this June with a rich array of technical presentations, new products, and the 67th ARFTG Conference.

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Broadwave Technologies
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