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Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise.


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Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware and IP that turn design concepts into reality.

Cadence customers are the world’s most innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to systems for the most dynamic market applications including consumer, hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, aerospace, industrial and health.

We offer solutions for:

  • Semiconductor and system companies, offering the broadest, most integrated end-to-end solution to help today’s electronic designers do their best work creating tomorrow’s products, for:
  • Silicon design creation, simulation, implementation, and signoff of analog and digital circuits; off-the-shelf design IP; and IC packaging, including machine learning-enhanced EDA tools and machine learning-enabled EDA flows.
  • System design of advanced packaging, safe and secure embedded software, and PCBs; analysis of electromagnetic and electrothermal effects of semiconductors, packages, boards, and systems; and co-optimization with semiconductor devices.
  • Intelligence IP for design of inference processing in edge devices.

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Cadence Design Systems
Cadence Joules Rtl Promo

RTL Design Tool Brings Gains in Productivity, Quality of Results

July 14, 2023
Cadence's Joules RTL Design Studio delivers up to 5X faster register-transfer-level convergence and up to 25% improved QoR through fast, accurate, and early physical insight and...
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Cadence Virtuoso Promo

Cadence Platform Helps Expedite Custom Analog IC Design

May 22, 2023
Quicker and more accurate customized analog IC design is the driving force behind Virtuoso Studio.
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RF/mmWave Design Tools Cut Prototyping Costs

March 8, 2023
Software design tools can shave the time and expense of multiple development iterations when striving for a first-round success or when making modifications to improve performance...
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Taking the Pulse of the RF/Microwave Industry

April 26, 2022
Microwaves & RF's newly formed Editorial Advisory Board will give us an additional avenue into gaining industry insights that we can pass along to our audience.
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Thermal Analysis is Vital for High-Power MMIC, MCM, and RF PCB Apps

Feb. 18, 2022
Concerns about power-amplifier heating and operating temps aren’t new as they affect device reliability and performance. However, RF designers must broaden the scope of thermal...
Cadence Design Systems
1020 Mw Cadence Clarity 3 D Solver Promo

3D Transient Solver Speeds Up Large System-Level EMI Simulations

Oct. 17, 2020
System design teams can quickly and accurately simulate large and complex hyperscale, automotive, mobile, and aerospace and defense systems for EMC/EMI compliance.

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Quick Chat

QuickChat: Cadence Clarity 3D Solver: EM Simulation Innovations for Today’s Electronic Systems

Nov. 30, 2022
In this QuickChat, Senior Editor David Maliniak sits down with Product Management Director Gary Lytle to discuss Cadence's new Clarity software and the benefits it offers to users...
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Products of the Week: August 22, 2022

Aug. 22, 2022
Here's this week's selection of some of the most interesting new products that have been launched of late.
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Quick Chat

Quickchat: Redefining Power Integrity and Thermal Analysis

June 13, 2022
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Products of the Week: June 6, 2022

June 5, 2022
Here's this week's selection of some of the most interesting new products that have been launched of late.
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Quick Chat

QuickChat: Trends in RF/Microwave System Design

May 2, 2022
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Products of the Week: January 10, 2022

Jan. 10, 2022
These are a few of the notable new products that grabbed our attention this week.
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Sherry Hess on Women in Microwaves

Dec. 28, 2021
Cadence's Sherry Hess, chair of the IEEE MTT-S Women in Microwaves subcommittee, discusses her career in the industry and the subcommittee's work to mentor and enhance the profiles...
2021 Top Products Promo

The Top Products of 2021: Part 1

Nov. 29, 2021
Here's part 1 of our three-part Media Gallery series on the outstanding product announcements of 2021 as determined by our audience.
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Products of the Week: October 22, 2021

Oct. 22, 2021
Here's this week's sampling of new products that are appearing in the marketplace.
Patcharapon Pachasirisakun,
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5G Evolution Supports a New Wave of Wireless Services

Sept. 24, 2020
Expanding 5G/6G connectivity to include network-to-smart device communications, combined with AI and IoT, will usher in a new industrial wave and offer greater business value ...
Modelithics Prom Onew

Accurate Models and Discrete Part-Value Optimization Combine to Improve Workflows

June 24, 2020
A workflow that combines measurement-based models with discrete part-value optimization can aid designers by automatically adjusting a design’s component values to optimal manufacturer...

Modelithics Rolls Out Models for Mini-Circuits’ Amplifiers

April 10, 2020
Modelithics now offers over 68 models, representing over 130 individual Mini-Circuits components, that include amplifiers, filters and splitters, among others.