QuickChat: Cadence Clarity 3D Solver: EM Simulation Innovations for Today’s Electronic Systems

Nov. 30, 2022
In this QuickChat, Senior Editor David Maliniak sits down with Product Management Director Gary Lytle to discuss Cadence's new Clarity software and the benefits it offers to users.

Gary Lytle, product management director for Cadence’s Clarity 3D Solver, talks about the unique capabilities of the product, its differentiation, and upcoming releases, including Clarity 3D Encryption IP protection, integration with Optimality multiphysics optimization software, as well as collaborations with customers and partners to continue innovating. Gary highlights several workflows and case studies showcasing Clarity’s capacity, accuracy, scalability, and in-design analysis with Cadence traditional EDA platforms that enable designers of today’s electronic systems to develop the best solution possible by streamlining design and analysis within a common environment and workflow, thereby enhancing productivity and time to market.