Products of the Week: August 22, 2022

Aug. 22, 2022
Here's this week's selection of some of the most interesting new products that have been launched of late.

At the heart of our mission here at Microwaves & RF is to regularly feature galleries of some of the most interesting new product announcements of the recent past. It's our hope that products such as these will inspire you to create your own new offerings.

In this gallery, the products we feature include:

  • Wi-Fi 6 Wall-Mount Access Point Serves Multi-Dwelling Units
  • Novel Robot-Powered QA-as-a-Service Platform Tests Mobile Apps  
  • RFIC Solution Accelerates 5G and Mobile Design
  • Developer Kit Accelerates Prototyping Low-Power IoT Device Clusters
  • Single-Sweep VNA/Spectrum Analyzer Solution Handles 70 kHz to 220 GHz

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