Bob Nelson Bob Nelson is Agilent Technologies’ MXA (N9020A) Product Support Engineer. He has spent the last 14 years with the company, supporting the Agilent field organization and customers with application-focused measurement requirements. Nelson holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from California State University, Chico. View Bob’s articles   Paolo Volpato Since 2008, Paolo Volpato has served as Product Strategy Manager at Alcatel-Lucent. His function deals with the evolution strategy and positioning of the company's microwave product portfolio. His interests include networking and mobile backhauling, specifically in the Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) domain. Paolo’s articles   David A. Hall David Hall is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for RF and Communications at National Instruments. His activities include building product demos, providing user feedback, and writing application notes, with particular subjects of expertise include digital signal processing and digital communications systems. View David’s articles   Tom Callahan Tom Callahan is the General Manager and CTO of QRC Technologies, a provider of network-discovery cellular test and measurement tools for military and government use. Prior to establishing QRC Technologies, Callahan was Vice President of Engineering for PCTEL’s RF Solutions group, which focused on building cellular scanning receivers. He previously worked as a DSP Engineer building signal-intercept systems for Watkins–Johnson. Callahan has a BSEE and MBA. He is an expert in the air interfaces for cellular protocols and has worked in numerous roles including as a DSP, software, and systems engineer. Callahan also is a Certified Program Management Professional (PMP). View Tom’s articles Kang Chen Kang Chen is a Senior Applications Specialist at Spirent Communications. Prior to joining the company in 2007, Kang held senior engineering positions at Agilent and Alcatel. He earned a BEng from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecom, and an MSEE from Rutgers University, where he researched MIMO and cooperative communications. View Kang’s articles Gary Simpson Gary Simpson has been with Maury Microwave since 1982, currently serving as chief technical officer. Gary is a pioneer in device characterization systems; in 1987 he developed one of the earliest automated slide-screw tuners for advanced load pull measurements. Since then, he has been responsible for much of the ongoing development of device characterization techniques, methodologies, and systems. View Gary’s articles


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