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Agile Signal Generator Delivers Reliable Switching in Complex Simulations

Agile Signal Generator Delivers Reliable Switching in Complex Simulations

Keysight Technologies’ N5193A UXG agile signal generator helps deliver more realistic and scalable threat simulations in aerospace and defense applications. It also serves as a dependable slide-in replacement for legacy, fast-switching local oscillators (LOs) often used in large, dedicated simulation systems. The UXG can switch frequency, amplitude, and phase settings in a mere 250 ns to produce realistic multi-threat scenarios. It also provides built-in phase repeatability thanks to direct-digital-synthesis (DDS) technology and the company’s proprietary digital-to-analog converter.

While simulating advanced radar signals, the UXG can generate pulses as narrow as 5 ns with 1-ns rise/fall times and an 80-dB on/off ratio. Chirps can extend as wide as 10% to 25% of the carrier frequency. The optional attenuator provides 80 dB of agile amplitude changes and 120 dB of overall amplitude range to mimic antenna scan patterns. The ability to directly understand pulse descriptor words (PDWs) reduces programming time. UXG memory will store pre-defined scenarios for playback using list mode, and external events can trigger on-the-fly control for system testing.

Keysight Technologies, 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (877) 424-4536

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