Test Set Handles BLE Extended Data

Test Set Handles BLE Extended Data

The model MT8852B Bluetooth test set has been upgraded to handle measurements of the Data Length Extension associated with the latest Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.2, in particular for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) equipment and systems. The MT8852B is essentially a complete portable measurement system that includes a low-noise signal generator, measurement receiver, microprocessor, and software to perform key measurements on the latest Bluetooth BLE gear. The MT8852B can be used to conduct radio-layer tests on Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices according to the new Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

This integrated test set includes a receiver and test signal generator for performing all the latest Bluetooth measurements.

The MT8852B (see figure) features a built-in signal generator with frequency range of 2.40 to 2.50 GHz and 1-kHz frequency resolution. The test signal source offers an amplitude range of 0 to -90 dBm with amplitude accuracy of ±1 dB and amplitude resolution of ±0.1 dB. The Bluetooth test set includes a measurement receiver that can gauge average and peak power levels over an average-power range of -50 to +22 dBm with 0.1-dB resolution and ±1.5 dB worst-case accuracy. It can also measure frequency over an error range of 0 Hz to ±150 kHz with 1-kHz resolution.

The latest measurement option for the MT8852B supports extension of the BLE data packet length from 37 octets to 255 octets. It allows new test cases in the Data Length Extension option to be run as part of a test script to simplify generation of test programs and speed testing of Bluetooth equipment. As an example, it is possible to complete a test script for running Bluetooth Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), and BLE measurements in less than 15 s by pressing a single key or sending one remote command.

The MT8852B can be used as a control panel to perform BLE measurements. The test set controls a device under test (DUT) in Direct Test Mode (DTM) by means of USB connection and RS-232 HCI, two-wire, or USB-to-serial-adaptor control interfaces. The test set’s Data Length Extension option is also supplied with a PC application that eases the development of test programs on a remote PC. The application enables creation of graphical data as well as clear pass/fail notices following any supported measurements. The Data Length Extension option supports a number of Bluetooth EDR transmitter and receiver test cases and can check such parameters as relative transmit power, frequency stability and modulation accuracy, bit-error-rate (BER) performance, and even Bluetooth audio performance.

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