Dr. Lutz Henckels Joins SyntheSys Research as CEO

Hoping to bring some of the success he worked for at LeCroy Corp., Dr. Lutz Henckels recently joined innovative test-and-measurement developer SyntheSys Research (Menlo Park, CA) as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Henckels was president and CEO of LeCroy Corp. (Chestnut Ridge, NY) for nine years, taking it public in 1996 and more than tripling the oscilloscope business during his tenure. Prior to LeCroy, he founded electronic design automation (EDA) firm HHB Systems, which went public in 1987 and was later acquired by Racal-Redac. According to Jim Waschura, Chairman and co-founder of SyntheSys, "we are delighted to welcome Lutz Henckels to our company. His depth of experience in the field of test and measurement is impressive. With our new products and new approaches to the marketplace, his experience and success will carry us forward into a new dimension of growth."

SyntheSys numbers a variety of evolutionary measurement products in its portfolio, including the BERTScope, a combination of an oscilloscope, vector signal analyzer/generator, and a bit-error-rate (BER) tester. In contrast to large and complex racks of individual test instruments, which are expensive and difficult to use, Henckels notes that "SyntheSys has developed three unique technologies which the company combined into one instrument-a BERTScope-which provides complete signal-integrity compliance testing at much lower cost, with a thousand times higher throughput, and with new functionality by correlating the eye diagram with bit errors."

Privately held SyntheSys Research was founded in 1989 to support testing in data communications, data storage, and digital video communications. The company features an impressive list of customers, including some of the leading device and system suppliers in the world, such as Agilent Technologies, Boeing, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Intel, Lucent, NASA, NEC, Philips, Raytheon, Seagate, Sony, Tektronix, and TRW.

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