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Agilent Technologies And Delft University of Technology Research Large-Signal, Sub-mm-Wave Characterization

Agilent Technologies announced it will collaborate with the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands to research large-signal and sub-mm-wave characterization techniques. The research school of the Delft Institute for Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES) and Agilent share a common view on application-driven RF characterization tools. They use Agilent's software tools and instrumentation extensively in education and research programs.

With this new collaboration, enabled by the emerging SmartMix/MEMPHIS project, there has been a tremendous acceleration in research activities and capabilities at DIMES. This is evidenced by the creation of two complementary characterization facilities: the RF and the sub-mm-wave DIMES characterization laboratories. These new facilities will enable DIMES to continue developing technological advancement of devices, components, and circuits into the sub-mm-wave frequency range.

The Large-Signal and Sub-mm-Wave Characterization Techniques seminar agenda and registration information can be found at

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