Agilent, The MathWorks Team On Scopes

Agilent Technologies and The MathWorks have combined forces to offer the latter's powerful MATLAB math-based signal-processing software on Infiniium Oscilloscopes from Agilent. Agilent's Infiniium oscilloscopes are now available with the N5430A user-definable function option which allows users to create and execute application-specific measurements. The option is a collaboration of Agilent and The MathWorks, and makes it possible for Infiniium users to develop custom math and analysis functions in the MATLAB(R) software environment and execute them live on the oscilloscope screen. The user-definable function consists of two components: the custom analysis function developed in MATLAB and the graphical user interface to enable an oscilloscope user to select measurement parameters.The custom function is developed in the MATLAB software environment and defines the data analysis to be performed, such as equalizations and digital filtering. For more on the oscilloscopes, visit the Agilent web site at For more on MATLAB, visit The MathWorks web site at

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