AI for Wireless from MathWorks' Perspective

April 10, 2023
MathWorks' Houman Zarrinkoub discusses how artificial intelligence is transforming wireless-network design and operation.

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AI has brought the sophistication necessary for modern wireless applications to run effectively, from autonomous vehicles to optimized wireless links, as it tackles the non-linearity introduced by new and competing use cases. As the number and scope of devices connected to networks expands, so too will the role of AI in wireless. Knowing the benefits and applications of AI in wireless systems, as well as the best practices necessary for optimal implementation, will be key for the future success of the technology.

In this TechXchange Talk video, Houman Zarrinkoub, principal wireless product manager at MathWorks, discusses how the complexity of modern wireless systems has necessitated the implementation of AI technologies. 5G, the evolution of wireless technology and the introduction of Industry 4.0, and the rapid pace of digital transformation has forced engineers to think beyond traditional rules-based approaches as networks become harder to manage. Many are turning to AI as the go-to solution to govern the increasing complexity of these systems.

Check out more TechXchange Talk videos.