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Pickering to Showcase MEMS-Based PXI/PXIe Multiplexers

June 7, 2023
The new multiplexers are said to provide longer operational life, faster speeds, and higher bandwidths than electromagnetic relay alternatives.

This article is part of our IMS 2023 coverage.

In its IMS Booth 1415, Pickering Interfaces will display its extensive range of RF and microwave switching products, including the first modules in a new MEMS-based RF PXI/PXIe multiplexer family.

The RF multiplexer family, which is well-suited for wireless communications and semiconductor test, is powered by Ideal Switch MEMS devices from Pickering’s partner, Menlo Microsystems (Booth 450). These are among the first MEMS components on the market with the performance characteristics to support demanding RF testing requirements.

The new MEMS-based RF multiplexers are claimed to deliver vastly increased operational life (up to 300X), faster operating speed (up to 60X), and higher bandwidth (with no reduction in RF power handling) versus traditional electromechanical relay (EMR) alternatives. Insertion loss also remains comparable with EMR switches and much lower than solid-state options.

In addition to the new RF multiplexer family in PXI/PXIe, Pickering will also highlight:

  • Its new 110-GHz PXI/PXIe microwave switch supporting 5G and semiconductor test.
  • The new Microwave Design Tool, a free online tool for configuring flexible LXI microwave switch products.
  • A flexible LXI microwave switch platform and turnkey services for LXI microwave switch and signal-routing subsystems (including a custom 12x12 LXI microwave switching matrix demo).
  • A selection from Pickering’s portfolio of other switches, along with its PXI, PXIe, and LXI/USB modular chassis, simulation products, and cables and connectors.

For more information, visit the company's website.

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